Hanging with Friends cheat

On November 15, 2011, in Android, by Jason Calhoun

I recently discovered a way to guess opponents words with 100% accuracy on the game “Hanging with Friends” using a rooted Android device. Basically all you’re doing is viewing the database which stores the game info.

When an opponent sends you a word to guess, that word (along with other game info) is saved locally on your device within the game database files. You can view the word they sent you, and then “guess” it perfectly when you open up the Hanging with Friends app and resume your game. Here is what you’ll need to accomplish this:

1. Rooted Android device

2. File explorer (I use Root Explorer)

3. A SQL database viewer (I use SQLite Editor)


Here are the steps:

  • Have your friend send you a word to guess and remember the “free” letter and its position for reference.


  • Open up your file explorer and navigate to “/data/data/com.zynga.hanging/databases” and click on wwf.sqlite


  • Click on the “Move”  table


  • Scroll down to the bottom of the table and you’ll see all of the words played in your games including the most recent, unsolved words.


  • Enter in the letters to complete the word without using any strikes!



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