About @Droid

• What is the purpose of the @Droid twitter account?

I have set up the account to aggregate (combine) Android news headlines from top Android blogs around the internet and automatically post them to the @Droid twitter feed. This is by no means intended to replace or compete with the other Android twitter accounts, it’s simply an easy way to get the top Android news without having to follow many different twitter accounts. I originally set up @Droid in this manner for my own personal use, but many others have found it useful as well. I encourage you to click on the links that @Droid posts so you can read the full articles and support the great Android news blogs who wrote the stories.

• Where is the news coming from and how is it chosen?

The articles posted are pulled from popular Android blogs that I personally visit and find to be reliable and honest. @Droid usually pulls articles from 6 or 7 different Android blogs at any given time. This helps create a 24/7 Android news stream on the twitter feed. Each twitter post will contain the article headline, link to article and source credit. I may add or remove sources from time to time to keep news fresh, but for the most part, the main sources will remain in place.

• I followed @Droid, but it posts way too much and hogs my timeline.

Remember, the purpose of the account is to post Android news from many different sources. This account does not sleep and will post new articles as they become available on the source websites. If you do not follow many people, then your timeline will undoubtedly be filled with Android news from @Droid. If you like a small, empty, timeline then you may want to re-consider following @Droid. If you follow 100+ people or just have really talkative friends, then I really don’t see an issue with @Droid taking up too much of your timeline.

• I am running a contest/promotion, can @Droid tweet the info out to its followers?

I would LOVE to let the @Droid followers know about your Android related products/contests/promotions etc. Please email me the the info and I will consider tweeting it out to the @Droid followers. As @Droid gets more followers and becomes more popular, I’m sure these requests will start to become a bit overwhelming, so I will be choosing the offers/promotions that benefit the Android community the greatest as I don’t want to flood followers timelines with ads.

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