Frank Dux items

Frank Dux is a legendary martial artist and the subject of ‘Bloodsport’, the movie that also launched the career of Jean-Claude Van Damme. Below is a list of items that were personally given to me by Frank Dux when I was working for him in 2000:


  • Hundreds of behind the scene photographs from the filming of ‘Bloodsport’ (including photos of Van Damme and the other actors in the movie) as well as photographs depicting Frank Dux’s time in Hong Kong during the filming
  • Betting slips used in the movie (waived in the air by spectators watching the fights)
  • An autographed copy of Frank Dux’s book ‘The Secret Man’
  • Personal business card, Los Angeles Valley College ID from 1979 (signed)
  • Apartment Resident Identity Card from 1986 (signed)
  • Luggage tag from Pacific Southwest Airlines
  • 1986 California DMV registration


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