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Below are articles and reviews written about my apps:

    System Info Widget

• January 12, 2011 – 10 widgets that make your Android more functional
“With several customization options, there’s sure to be a look that fits your needs.” – Taylor Martin,

• October 20, 2010 – System Info Widget is highly customizable, useful for HTC EVO 4G
“System Info Widget is currently in the Market’s top 20 paid apps list in the productivity section and after using the widget on my EVO for the past few days, I can certainly see why.” – Jenn K. Lee, Good and EVO

• October 19, 2010 – System Info Widget, Is It The Geekiest Android Widget… Ever?
“System Info Widget may be the perfect widget for you and your inner geek.” – Jaroslav Stekl, Android Police

• September 17, 2010 – Android Central | Editor’s App Picks
“Of all the applications I have purchased, this could be one of the most useful applications since it gives me the need to know of the device at one quick glance.” – Jared DiPane, Android Central

• September 10, 2010 – Droid-Life | Weekly App Roundup
“Needing to know all of your most important system info at the touch of a finger? System Info Widget provides it all to you..” – Kellen, Owner/Editor

    My Schedule

• May 15, 2011 – Droid Life | App of the Day
“Everything is customizable in the app and gives you more features than the calendar app included within Android – colors, icons, frequency, and more.” – Mark Hett, Droid Life

• December 4, 2010 – Android Central | Editor’s App Picks
“For only $.99 the increase in productivity and organization proved to be well worth every penny spent for me…” – Chris Parsons, Android Central

• November 20, 2010 – | The Droid People
“This application eliminates the need to use the built in Google calendar or any calendar widgets…” – Phil Esposito,

    4G Toggle fo EVO

• October 28, 2010 – Android Central | Editor’s App Picks
“This simple widget, which is available in two different skins, allows users to easily toggle to 4G of their device on and off.” – Jared DiPane, Android Central

    Picture Dial

• September 3, 2010 – Android Central | Editor’s App Picks
“The app allows users to place a widget on their home-screen that can be personalized based on your contacts.” – Sean Brunett, Android Central

What Customers Are Saying

System Info Widget
"Works great and as expected a great way to view system info at a glance" - Brett

My Schedule
"Excellent. Calendar events via pull down notification bar works as advertised." - P.J.

Quick Apps
"5 stars. Exactly what I been looking for, for months now. Great job." - gc3160thtuk

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