System Info Widget

System Info Widget features a horizontal (4×1, 3×1, 1×1) and vertical (1×4) widget that displays important info about your Android device right on your home screen.

Widget Overview

How to Install

* Battery life
* Processor Temp. in °C and °F
* Reboot/Recovery/Bootloader (Root Required)(New in 2.2)
* GPS toggle (New in 2.2)
* Remount SD (New in 2.2)
* 4G toggle (HTC EVO only)
* 3G/2G toggle (Shortcut) (New in 2.1)
* Airplane mode, Autosync (New in 2.1)
* RAM, Internal & SD card storage
* 4×1, 3×1, 1×1 & 1×4 widgets, 6 themes
* Custom update interval
* Custom theme font color (New in 2.1)
* Custom widget items
* Battery status indicator
* Normal/Silent/Vibrate profiles
* Bluetooth & WiFi On/Off
* Option to display only whole numbers
* Touch icon to display more info

How to access the settings menu:

Touch anywhere at the bottom of widget to access widget settings


Menu>Add>Widgets>System Info Widget

Scan the barcode with your Android phone to download:


v2.2 (11/20/2010)
+ Added GPS toggle, Remount SD, Reboot/Recovery/Bootloader (Root Required)

v2.1.3 (11/1/2010)
+ Statusbar battery notification fix, fixed exception issues with custom ROM's, removed debug output

v2.1.2 (10/18/2010)
+ Added new iPhone style icon theme

v2.1.1 (10/16/2010)
+ Bug fixes, added "None" option for widget items

v2.1 (10/15/2010)
+ Custom theme font color, Airplane mode, Autosync toggle, 4G toggle (HTC EVO only), 3G/2G toggle (Shortcut)

v2.0.3 (10/11/2010)
+ Fixed false location permissions issue & fixed SD display for Galaxy S devices (again)

v2.0.2 (9/30/2010)
+ Fixed Free SD Card space display for Galaxy S devies

v2.0.1 (9/17/2010)
+ Made "None" the default battery status notification instead of "Light Icon"

v2.0 (9/16/2010)
+ Added 1x1 & 3x1 widgets, Custom widget items, Battery status indicator, Normal/Silent/Vibrate profiles, Bluetooth & WiFi On/Off

v1.4.9.1 (9/10/2010)
+ Changed SD icon for all themes

v1.4.9 (9/9/2010)
+ Added Icons Only (White) theme & changed icons for White theme

v1.4.8 (9/4/2010)
+ Hi-Res icons for Eclair & Icons Only (Eclair) themes

v1.4.7 (9/3/2010)
+ Hi-Res icons for Default, Icons Only (Default) & White themes

v1.4.6 (9/3/2010)
+ Cleaned up some code

v1.4.5 (8/10/2010)
+ Added new theme, modified the Icons Only theme

v1.4.4 (8/3/2010)
+ Added option to to display only whole numbers

v1.4.3 (7/4/2010)
+ Added Customizable widget update interval

v1.4.2 (6/17/2010)
+ Added a new theme

v1.4.1 (6/17/2010)
+ Added 1x4 Widget option. Option to display °F, °C or both.

v1.4 (6/13/2010)
+ Added 3 themes to choose from, now you can touch any icon to display more detailed info

v1.3.1 (5/25/2010)
+ Fixes landscape view

v1.3 (5/24/2010)
+ Changed BG image, added more opacity, changed app icon & indicator icons

v1.2 (5/17/2010)
+ Resized background, changed widget color

v1.1 (5/14/2010)
+ Decreased drop shadow size

v1.0 (5/11/2010)
+ Initial release

What Customers Are Saying

System Info Widget
"Works great and as expected a great way to view system info at a glance" - Brett

My Schedule
"Excellent. Calendar events via pull down notification bar works as advertised." - P.J.

Quick Apps
"5 stars. Exactly what I been looking for, for months now. Great job." - gc3160thtuk

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